About Us


Our Mission

We are in the business of helping girls be curious & confident, fearless & fabulous! 

We've been inspiring the girls of KW for more then 25 years. We work with parents and students to help educate, motivate, and inspire girls to reach their fullest potential.


Our Teaching Methods

We take a positive, caring and playful approach to supporting and empowering girls. We use modelling as a vehicle to teach girls about themselves, to set goals, live with purpose, build confidence and to be supportive of each other. 

GEMINI Models Academy curriculum is unique to most in the business. The standard runway, fashion, poise, grooming, hair and make-up classes are complimented by social and social  media etiquette as well as healthy-living components addressing both fitness and mental health.


The 21st Century Model

There are many different types of models: runway models, commercial models, catalogue models and role models.

All models share one very important trait; they are the best version of themselves, be it by their values, their appearance, their friendships or their experiences. 

We use modelling as a way to encourage our students to live their best life, foster healthy friendships with other girls and live life with curiosity, confidence and fearlessness! 

A little insight into our Programs

Full Year Programs

Kids Modelling


Designed for girls ages 5-7 to encourage manners, creativity and friendships. 

Pre-Teen Modelling


Designed for girls ages 8-11 to foster self-love, develop healthy habits and encourage positive friendships. 

Teen Modelling


Designed for girls ages 13+ to empower them with knowledge of ways to live a fulfilling, happy and balanced life. 

Advanced Teen Modelling


Designed for girls who have 1 year of previous modelling experience or are 14+. This program takes a deeper look into personal development.

Elite Teen Modelling


Designed for girls who have 1 year of previous modelling experience or are 15+. This program takes a deeper look into professional development and the modelling industry.

Book A Tour


We love meeting new students and their parents. Join us for a private studio tour so we can discuss your personal goals and aspirations of our programs.


Kids - Half Day Camp


Designed for girls ages 5-7, this half day morning camp is about crafts, baking, dance parties and fashion shows!

Pre Teen - Half Day Camp


Designed for girls ages 8-11, this half day morning camp is about making the most of summer break!

Teen - Half Day Camp


Designed for girls ages 12+, this half day afternoon camp is for leaning about fashion and beauty, runway and photo shoots. 

Pre Teen - Full Day Camp


Designed for girls ages 8-11, this full day camp is filled with all the summer time fun.  Everything from fashion and beauty to baking, crafts and outdoor activities.